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As Mevsim Gıda A.Ş.;

We meet customer needs and expectations in domestic and international markets by protecting human and environmental health within the framework of both national and international legal conditions.

We follow the innovations and technological conditions in the frozen and fresh food sectors and produce in accordance with international quality and food safety standards.

We always maintain the customer-oriented approach adopted in our company and act with the aim of being among the leading companies of the sector in domestic and international markets and creating a brand.

By making continuous improvements on the products in our product range and our management system, we operate to increase the quality performances of inputs, semi-finished products and end products to ensure production at the highest quality level.

We constantly review, improve and update our Quality and Food Safety Management System, including all raw material acceptance, production, control and dispatch processes that products go through until they reach the table.

As Senior Management of Mevsim Gıda A.Ş.;
In order to raise awareness of food safety in all employees, we have determined the Quality and Food Safety Policy in a way that includes the commitments to comply with the relevant international standards, product originality requirements and all legal requirements and to continuously improve the efficiency, by instilling the quality and food culture, and we ensure that it is understood by conveying it to all employees.